Time-information relationship

Information [Kolmogorov-Shannon] the opposite of entropy:over time, entropy increases

Information revert the time?

 If we remove the time as a metric, causal relationships break or not? After all, the reason will not be BEFORE the investigation.  They will be OUTTIME.

Without time chaos appears, any event has equal probability.

Is Time a measure of order?Then why entropy increases with time?

`The world was created perfect and continuously degraded [says Hindu]`

But once it was the perfect, with  reason it degrades? Is something that destroys it the outside?  But perfection can be destroyed only by an even more perfect ... Best the enemy of the good, the law of negation of negation ...


  1.  Time - creates order, structures the sequence of events,
  2. The order is determined by the structuring and the higher the structural system, the more her order,
  3. But the higher the structural system, the more likely it states, the more information it contains, as the number of information bits I =- Log2 (P), P-probability of a given state,
  4. Here emerges discrepancy with the theory,  that says 'chaos - there is a system of higher order', because if in the chaos of all the events are equally probable, the expectation of the probability of any state is M (P) = 0,5 (it will happen or not happen fifty-fifty :),
     I =- Log2 (0,5) = 1 bit.  That is, any chaotic system contains 1 bit of information.

That is the meaning of time in terms of information theory - the creating of probability.