Physical model of ideocracy society

If we imagine Tolerance - the Liberal- atomized mass as an ideal gas, whose behavior is well described by the laws of thermodynamics (read in Pereslegin), then
Ideocracy society , Ideologised mass of people can be determined by a magnetically colloidal solution with an applied field of the external field and source field - an idea, an attractor.

Then, by type of magnetic conductivity can be next types of societies:
"Dia-magnetic" - are resistant to this idea (the attractor), the idea has die there,
"Para-magnetics: - moderately susceptible to this idea (the attractor), the idea of them being distributed without loss
"Ferro-magnetic" societies - actively reinforce the idea. As is known, the structure of ferromagnetic materials - is the magnetic domains. that in the mass of people carry out that by groups of activists.

Further questions arise:

Ideological conductivity anizotropichna?

condition conductivity - semantic polarization?