Quantum-semantic dualism

What is the physical meaning of the information?
About time someone spoke of the Greek philosophers seem Zenon - "as long as I do not think about time, time - a simple thing. But it is necessary to think about the nature of time, that time is incomprehensible."
Also, with the information. On the one hand there is a simple and ingenious guess Shannon that information - the essence of the inverse probability. That is, the more information about the occurrence of an event, the less likely other outcomes.
On the other hand - whether it is possible information without physical media - Plato's "world of pure ideas"?
As a hypothesis is proposed to consider "quantum" - a fully probabilistic event and "signal, the sign" - a fully qualified the event as a dialectical pair.
If the emergence and growth of information is the destruction probability, the physical meaning of the sign (the signal) are - the collapse probability wave function.
The appearance of the sign "selects" the desired event from the probabilistic continuum ...
But it turns out some Kaballistika ...
PS it is clear that the process of selecting events can only occur in an environment capable of handling signs ... In the minds of the processor or computer