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Scientific start and present research

At the present time it had been already developed:

1. co-ordinate model of space notation, main definitions, ways of constructing

2. main operations in space notation. Reflecting nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in semantic space. Notations of allowed and forbidden areas in semantic space had studied.

3. the link with existing ways of information storing had detected.

4. aspects of practical use of co-ordinate semantic space theory had developed. More than 10 fields of potential usage had found. Developed models for information searching, speech and manuscript detecting (revealing), compressing and transferring of information.

5. plan of semantic space constructing had worked out

6. software system architecture as a storage for semantic space and co-ordinate object data base filling had worked out.

At the present time following questions are studying:

1. holisistic approaching (notion – class as object – action – criterion) is being studying

2. place of co-ordinate semantic space theory in general theory of information

3. is it possible using co-ordinate semantic space theory mechanisms to create knowledge “crystallizator” – structurizing mechanism of random information array without human participation.

4. using co-ordinate semantic space theory for detecting images

5. connecting co-ordinate semantic space theory with system analysis (E. Lutsenko) and language of models.

6. estimating the measure of link between words of language and notations, or, it’s almost the same, estimating of text’s semantic redundancy.

7. searching programming system for filling semantic space

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