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History of creating.

March of 1990 – appeared the first idea of “knowledge’s map” constructing. It was then a multi-dimensioned “knowledge relief” (here was a mountain, there was a plain, over there was a canyon). May be it was influenced by romantic Kamchatka’s landscapes, close circle of friends and certain dozes of local alcohol drinks. Year later I read “Non-standard child” by V. Levi and found there almost same idea called “Enom”.

Autumn of 1993 – the first ideas about system of automate personal fast teaching. Then appeared an understanding, that to realize this system we had to organize information presentation separate from its carrier (bearer), divide sense and form of information presentation. Idea of “knowledge map” appeared again. Thanks to my wife (future in that time) – Olga Ashurkova for hospitality, cause in her apartments, during friend receptions appeared discussions about sense of life and further way of civilization developing. Of course great appreciation to my friends – Kirill Kondratenko and Alex Michalchuk for original ideas and comments and right question challenges.

1994 – Was devoted for establishing the problem of teaching system.

1994-1995 – searching of adequate mathematical base for presentation of knowledge base. All modern at that time approaching were tried: relational, objective, hypertext. Thanks to my friends and brother-in-arms Arvid Patyupin and Igor Titarenko for attempts to understand the essence of my approaching and constructive critics.

1995, 25th of May – appeared an idea of presentation the knowledge base as multi-dimension space of notions.

1995-1996 – developing of this idea, selecting mathematical apparatus for its realization. Apparatus of vector algebra had established by summer of 1996 as basis of notions algebra, because vector correlations determine notions transform very well.

1997 – Vector version of semantic (notion) space theory had formed

1997-2002 –a number of potential addendums of co-ordinate semantic space theory had detected:

· Purposes of artificial intellect and creative solutions

· Goal of knowledge structure research

· Was noticed that neural nets was simple variant of semantic (notion) space

· Was being investigated the conception of fast personal teaching

2003 – original addendum of co-ordinate semantic (notion) space theory had found in purpose of searching information. Great appreciations for Sergey Bogomyakov for creative contribution to developing this idea. Mechanism of creating and filling the archive (storage, data bank) of semantic (notion) space had investigated. It was noticed, that algorithms of archiving created mini-space of semantic (notion) and coordinated them. Had formed a conception of fast personal teaching system. Appeared an idea of fractal model of semantic (notion) space.

2004, January – had been started combining of separated searching in this text. Idea of fractal model of semantic (notion) space appeared had appeared.

2004, March – owning to Victor Popolitov ( was found original using of theory in speech detecting systems. Was read the first report on scientific and practical conference in Far Eastern State University of Railroads about abilities, which co-ordinate semantic (notion) space theory developed (2004/11/26)

2004, May – rereading of “The Gulf” by R. Heinlain brought new solution of purpose of constructing the language with directed (managed, administrated) lexical and grammatical redundancy. Such language properties described well in this masterpiece as “fast speech”.

2004, the 3rd quarter – connection with existing researches.

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