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Rational activity from CSNT point of view

Working with CSNT apparatus it is possible to try to explain the activity of mind, understanding in taking decisions or in creation. It is necessary to underline that it is not an attempt of explaining just the fact of creation, but trying to construct some approximate algorithm of mind activity.

Working hypothesis: mind operate with internal presentation of information, which is close to notion space. Carrying out the analysis, mind realize comparison of notion to be considered with some area of notion space, and if it is necessary – interpolate (verify) the co-ordinates of notion, ranging considered notion in its own internal analogue of notion space.

Carrying out the synthesis, mind realize moving existing notions and actions into new areas of internal notion space (extrapolate them), describing new areas of notion space in terms of some language (of mathematics, physics, art).

It let to approach to explanation of talent nature. It is possible to suppose, that talented people operate with internal presentation of notion space (“picture of the world” in psychology), which is more exact, more perfect, more examined then other people have. It let them to come to the most optimal decision, to find the most precise forms and symbols.

Creative aspect is contained in consideration of large number of combinations of notions and actions to searching new (“creative search”) and in ability of connecting new area of notion space with already existing and describing it in proper language (this problem is described as “problem of translation” in semiotics).

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