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Teaching without human participation as source of knowledge

Main idea – is to gives interface for working with notion space, to lead the teaching as traveling through space of notions.

Main problems of teaching:

  • Low speech speed (approximately 100words per minute in Russian language, 180 words per minute in English – it is about 10symbols per second), low reading speed (1 page per minute or 40 symbols per second)
  • Personal filters: both studying and teaching persons have their own interpretation of knowledge according personal experience and restrictions.
  • Filters and non-optimal surplus of language – each language developing in concrete historical context reflects semantic space in different ways (language lacunas, idiomatic). Moreover, new terms are borrowed as rule from other languages (look Creation of new universal optimal language). Surplus even on coding level is 2,5-3 bit, and semantic surplus at present moment doesn’t value at all (look Semantic Compressing and transmitting of information from the CSNT point of view).

Thus, if process of teaching was process of transmitting or information, we could say, that:

  1. Connection channel is tight
  2. Transmitter and receiver doesn’t co-ordinate in coding of transmission
  3. Messages are coding non-optimal

That is to say, that transmission of information between transmitter and receiver occur non-optimal that decrease quality (leads to loosing of information) or speed of transmission (there is necessary of repeated transmitting).

Speaking about human factor, such situation leads to surplus of energy for information processing, hence, to fast fatigue of person who is taught and further decreasing of speed or quality of transmission.

Because connection channel conditioned be physiological special features of human, it couldn’t be essentially widen yet. It will be expedient to concentrate main part of optimization of teaching process on point 2 and 3

It is clear, that ideal result is situation, when “transmitter” and “receiver" first co-ordinate transmission protocol and coding algorithm. Because the aim is creating a system of teaching without participation of human-teacher, then system should tune to the notion space of person who is taught and give him information in his notion space.

That is to say, firstly system tests person who is taught, studying type of his knowledge (studying his notion space), then becomes to teach.

Type of studying person could be stored on some vehicle.


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